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We can bring order and harmony to your home one space at a time by reorganising cupboards, wardrobes, kids rooms, kitchens, garages and storage areas, whilst accessing space you didn’t realise you had.

No job is too small for us, we will be happy to visit your home and discuss your requirements with no obligation.



We declutter and help you to downsize!

We believe that your home should be your favourite place, so we edit, organise and style, to create beautiful homes to transform the way you live.

  • Are you moving out of a large family home into smaller accommodation? This can be a very daunting task as many items are hard to dispose of. We can help you to organise your belongings into smaller spaces with our team of helpers and handymen.


  • Have you recently lost a loved one and need to sort out unwanted clothing but cannot deal with this task yourself? Our team will help you sympathetically, and without the emotion to pack up the items and donate to a charity of your choice.


  • Are you a ‘shopaholic’?! Have you built up excessive amounts of clothing or accessories such as shoes, & handbags etc. We will work with you to organize your belongings and create physical space in your cupboards, drawers, and surfaces. We also advise on whether to keep, dispose, donate or sell your items.


  • Do you have a ‘home office’ that needs reorganising? We can help you with ideas of how to reduce the clutter and clear your desk area and store paperwork etc.

  • What about those messy toys and kids items that are taking up room in your home? Are you fed up with trying to clear up after them? We will help and advise on how to store everything creating space in your living areas and reorganising their bedrooms.

  • Decided to downsize to a smaller property? Do you need help and advice on how to prepare your home for a sale. Many homes need decluttering before they are marketed to ensure a potential buyer sees clear spaces and surfaces when viewing your property. We work with estate agents to help market your existing home and find your new smaller home.

Check out our latest review with our before & after pictures of our recent project in Hertfordshire.


This client had filled 2 bedrooms with clothing and accessories, many of the items filled fitted wardrobe space, but it overflowed with dress rails which were filled with more clothing. The client admitted that she was spending unnecessarily on clothes and shoes etc. that she didn’t need and was not wearing. We worked closely together sorting out the excess items and disposing of them creating spacious areas clear of clutter. Here is her review:


“I have to admit that Jackie is a recent new friend as we were having coffee together with a group of Ladies. It came to my attention that she has so many ‘strings to her bow with regard to interior design, the art of placement, - in my case gently encouraging to let go of items that should have gone a long time ago. Sounds familiar you say?

Thanks Jackie, I now have a home of which I’m very proud!❤️
This is all down to Jackie‘s hard work , tenacity encouragement and love. 

I do hope people that come after me, availing themself of her designs and ideas, using her many talents in the clearing of Properties or designing rooms, will receive as much pleasure as I have had with Jackie’s work.  

To conclude. I hope you will be as happy with her ideas as much as I am.

I promise you won’t be disappointed. 



‘Homestaged Interiors’ will cover every task needed to create a beautiful home no matter what size it may be. Checkout our ‘Small Spaces’ page to see how we can transform small areas into homes. 

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