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Decoration inspiration evolves from having a professional and talented team here at Homestaged Interiors.

There is no shortage of talent when it comes to the team at Homestaged Interiors. As an upcoming epoxy resin artist, Jordanne was quite literally over the moon when she was asked to join this amazing team over a year ago. Art in any fashion has always been a passion of hers and wanting to explore other avenues besides painting simple canvases, epoxy resin opened the door to staging home interiors and home decor.

Together, we’ve seen some of the most amazing homes in the Marbella and Estepona areas. Jordanne’s tasks here at Homestaged Interiors are many and this includes upscaling furniture or turning something old into something new and stunning. This white vintage chest for example, was once battered and dusty, but now it sits in a brand-new home waiting to be used once again.



We are truly blessed to be doing something that we love and finding like minded individuals to create and share ideas. On a recent commission, we were asked by the client  to upscale an old mirror. Jordanne used resin to paint the exterior with a cream mixture of colours that would dazzle and match the interior of one of any staged home.


The beauty of resin is how it aligns, not only with what you might envisage, but also the colours in each home provides an incredible talking point for potential buyers. A large resin canvas can adorn the walls in any room and just recently Jordanne was commissioned to create this incredible backdrop for a kitchen.


We can help you get the right look for your home, by listening and observing. That’s why we invite you to share your design ideas and to look at our recent commissions, to see which styles of resin art you might like. This invitation also includes our upscaled vintage furniture, where resin is also used to give it more expression. If you have an old piece you’d like to upscale and turn into something new and exciting, please contact us for more examples.

Our team of talented and creative professionals will visit your property for sale or your home and measure the space so we can match the home’s exact requirements. Our services and approach speak for itself, having worked with many real estate agencies, home developers & construction agencies, across the Costa del Sol, our extensive portfolio speaks volumes.

From upscaling furniture, vintage pieces to contemporary designs and epoxy resin, each environment is created by the immensely talented home stagers, - Jackie, Jan & Jordanne.

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